Who The Heck Is Phil And Why Should I Care?

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They Call Me Phil – But Who The Heck Is Phil?

My name is Phil Hudson and I suffer from existentialism. One of the things I want in this life is to be known and to be known for doing good. I also have a strong desire to succeed in many aspects of life: creatively, professionally, spiritually, and more.

TheyCallMePhil.com was originally founded to be a personal blog, however as I grow older I realize that my life just is not as interesting as that of many other people I know. That led me to think that I should share what I am learning about my career (internet marketing) and my desired profession (screenwriting). However, those two things in-and-of themselves do not provide enough for me to focus my full attention.

You see, it all started back in 2004 when I read Robert Kiyosaki book “Rich Dad Poor Dad“. He talks about it being a mistake to specialize and recommended understanding many facets of business to really achieve the most out of life and business. That principle has guided me since, and has driven to me absorb information as quickly as possible. This means I have a lot of diverse interests.

So what does all of that information about me mean? It means that this blog has now become an amalgamation of all of my interests, my personal life, my business interests and lessons, and a lot more. Hopefully you find that information beneficial, but either way it is a place that will allow me to just place my thoughts and therapeutically organize the things that are happening in my head.

As a side note, I enjoy helping people so I will focus a large amount of the information on this blog on helping others, so if you have a question you think I can help you with, just tweet me and I will do my best to address it.

Here is to helping the world, and expressing myself. I hope you enjoy the ride,

-Phil Hudson

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