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What am I going to do in 2014

I don’t blog much these days, but as I sit here at 9:30 at night on New Years Eve watching Scrubs by myself, I realized there are probably some things I could be doing better. Now I am not saying that my life sucks, and the fact is I was invited to several parties tonight. But something is becoming clear to me: I’m getting old.

While this post is supposed to be about goals and resolutions for 2014, I felt it pertinent to point out a few things that make me feel like an old man:

  1. I hate mosh pits: Now that may not seem like a big deal, but back in 2008 my good friends Mike, Nikki, Payden and I got upgraded tickets from State Farm to the Blink 182 concert in Orem, UT. Migrating from the GA section to a comfortable seat next to the stage changed how I concert. I now pay excessive money to be comfortable while enjoying deafening guitars and face melting drum solos. I think that makes me old
  2. I hate crowds in general: Tonight I could have done one of four things including going to a mega block party in downtown Tempe, AZ, going to a dance full of young adults my age from my religion, and several others. Instead I decided to reorganize my blu-ray collection and write a blog post. Why? Not because I am anti-social, but the dread of being surrounded by drunken twenty-somethings and crawling down the freeway in a sea of cars was too much for me bear. There is quite frankly no way I am leaving the comfort of my oversized gym shorts and hoodie. Why? Because I am old
  3. I no longer argue: I used to think I had to be right, just like everyone. But now, if you think your half contrived opinion of Obamacare, or theories about the moon landing being a hoax are worth fighting for, more power to you. Why? Because Google will tell me whether you are full of crap or not. And quite frankly, if you want to think you are right, why not let you. Now that isn’t because I think I am better than you, it is actually because the fight is too tiring. Because I am old

The Last Year

This last year has been a good year. There have been a lot of changes in my life, and I can say while some of the brought added stress, many of them overshadowed the bad times with amazing new experiences.

Here are a few things I have been grateful for the last year (not a conclusive list by any means):

  • I received a scholarship to film school. This is a huge thing as it is what I have wanted to do my whole life and I am in a place financially and personally where I can take this next step.
  • I got to experience Disneyland three times.
  • Two of those trips to Disneyland I got to eat at Club 33.
  • I was able to travel almost every month of the year, including Utah(4 times), California (3 times), Las Vegas (2 times), & Santa Fe.
  • I got to experience love again for the first time in a long time. I have been so focused on my career and making steps toward a film/writing career that I have postponed those aspects of my life. But, a special someone (you know who you are and thank you) made me remember what it feels like to be cared for and I have to say it really does have a profound effect on your ability and desire to succeed and perform.
  • I got to get to know my cousin’s kids better and it reminded me how much joy rugrats can bring to your life.

The Next Year

Moving forward, I have a lot that needs to happen in the next year and I am looking forward to it:

  • School: I start school in 2 weeks. That means I am back to the grind and focusing on improving myself again, but the best part is I start immediately working on film production and editing classes which I cannot complain about
  • Career: I am taking a leap into a more serious focus on entrepreneurship. While I have been working with and managing several ecommerce websites of my own for the last three years, I will finally have time to devote to growing these enterprises and hopefully improving my take home pay. I am excited to test myself as I work wholeheartedly on these steps. Many of you know I work for a company called Crexendo that has helped me grow immensely, and a this point I do not know if they will be keeping me on at a part-time basis, or if they will be letting me go. Either way, I can’t thank the wonderful people there who have helped me become a self-sufficient and competent SEO over the last four years.
  • Self Improvement: This year I realized how much time I waste in my car listening to music. Instead I started using Audible to listen to audio books, and I found several podcasts that I feel have helped me grow. With a 1 hour commute each day, I have been able to make quick work of information and I have to say I have loved the opportunity to learn. I will be keeping that up.
  • Relationships: With as busy as my year has been recently, I feel I have neglected some important parts of my life. I have some wonderful friends, and I have missed the opportunities I used to have to hear from them, their families, and their kiddos. I also look forward to growing romantically. I have grown a lot in my ability to express my emotions, and emote in general. Locking away feelings and just pushing through can work, but if I have learned anything recently, having someone you can speak too openly about what is really going on is an important and beautiful thing.

Now, I know that is not a list of resolutions, and that is because my list of resolutions is something personal. So the particulars are for my eyes only. That being said, I will be posting updated information on this ridiculous blog of mine in order to keep me honest with myself, but I would love to hear your thoughts.

What Can You Do?

Honestly, if you read this and have something you think I should work on, something you feel has helped you grow, or just want to share a thought I would love to hear it. I firmly believe that the only way we grow is by learning from those around us. I have some wonderful friends and family who have helped shape me into the person I am today. Your collective love and advice will continue to shape me and is something I value dearly, so please let me know if there is anything you think I should know.
Thanks again,
Phil Hudson

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  1. Logan

    The way I see it, you’re not old, you’re productive. I spent my New Year’s eve studying from a textbook and throwing pop rocks in the kitchen. But I wouldn’t have had it any other way! Keep doing cool stuff man.

  2. Doug

    So excited for you, man! I miss having you around, so be forewarned: next time we’re in the Southwest I am going to come look you up. All the best to you this year!

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