Hire Phil

I’ve worked in the Internet Marketing industry for over five years in every position including support, sales, fulfillment, account management, and more. I have worked for and managed my own Internet Marketing Agencies, as an In-House Marketing Director, managed my own E-Commerce and Lead Generation websites, and consulted for organizations large and small.

No matter the size of your organization (Ma & Pa or Fortune 500) I have run audits, cleaned up backlinks, diagnosed on page SEO issues, managed Google Adwords (Display and Search) ads, and much more.

My clients have ranged from independent e-commerce startups to national campaigns for companies like Discount Tire.¬†Regardless of your situation, I can help you. So let’s start off by looking at your individual situation and go from there.


Often times organizations have an already established team working on their marketing campaigns. These organizations can benefit from an outside perspective. When you are down in the trenches working hard to organize and execute the marketing plan set forth by a supervisor you can often overlook small or even huge details that can have an incredible impact on the way your website ranks, operates, and converts.

As an independent consultant I am able to step in and look at the entire picture, and then comb through your website to identify opportunities for growth and make recommendations to the individual parts of your marketing plan in order to improve the whole.

Not sure if this is a right fit for you? Reach out to Phil today and discuss your individual situation. Stop wasting time and burning marketing dollars. Get the professional guidance your organization needs to take your organization to the next step.


Hiring a full time staff to complete your internet marketing can be messy for several reasons:

  1. Do you have the budget to hire a full-time employee?
  2. Does your new hire have all of the skills needed to fulfill every need your organization has?
  3. Are the systems in place to track your employee’s performance?
  4. Can you interpret that data?

There are many more questions that come up, but those four are the big ones. Hiring a fulfillment team to get the very most out of your marketing dollars makes a LOT of sense. Recognizing that most business do not have the budget necessary to hire and train and maintain a full-time internet marketing employee, I launched RookSEO.

RookSEO is designed to help your organization gain the online presence you need to compete in today’s competitive market, or improve the one you have. RookSEO is designed using the lessons I have personally learned running my own online business ($300k in gross revenue for 2012), serving as the Senior Account Manager for a publicly traded Internet Marketing agency for five years, and ever other position I have held during my history in this industry.

What does that mean for you?

That means I know where you are coming from. I understand the real problems you have in your business, and the importance of achieving YOUR goals (not our metrics). My team is prepped to handle your situation on a case by case basis not a cookie cutter marketing plan. I personally review every account and every strategy before it is implemented. I am available for every client throughout the day to ensure you are getting the service you need.

If you have questions about gaining an online presence, or simply want to know what ELSE can be done to improve your current situation, give me a call. Let’s get you setup with one of our free audits to identify any issues you have and get you a game plan before you pay even one penny.

I Look Forward To Serving You

Regardless of what you decide, consulting or fulfillment, I am excited at the opportunity to serve you and your organization.